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How to Craft a Look That’s All Your Own

The influence that your personal style and dressing well have on various aspects of your life is well known. Whether we’re dressing for work or preparing for a night out, what we wear can reveal a lot about who we are, the music we listen to and the values we hold. It is not easy to create a distinctive style that is unique and reflects your personality, so experimenting with different looks is well worth it. Here at Brother2Brother, we offer a wide range of styles from some of the... Read More


Top Gifts For Men This Christmas

By now your Christmas buying list should be well underway. This year finding the right Christmas gifts for the holidays has been made easier than ever thanks to Brother2Brother. Check out our list of desirable Christmas gift ideas that are guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Whether you’re shopping for family, your bestie, your employer, or a loved one. We are sure you’ll find the perfect gift in our inspiring list.  We’ve done the legwork and compiled the perfect guide for those looking for amazing gifts for men.... Read More

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As summer has drawn to a sudden halt and the ever-changing weather is quickly reaching us, here are the best outerwear garments to keep you looking cool, but not cold this season. As we all know, a stylish designer jacket can make or break an outfit, but here at Brother2Brother our wide selection of brands and styles means there is something for everyone. Whether you want simple silhouettes, a waterproof or something with a more unique flair, we’re sure you will find your new closet staple. Here are some of... Read More

Throwing Shade feat. Balenciaga 06/10/2022

Throwing Shade feat. Balenciaga

Ready for the understatement of the decade? Balenciaga has been doing pretty well recently. In fact, in 2022 alone they’ve bounced back from the last few years of the fashion world turning slower, and decided to hit the ground running as soon as they had the opportunity. Just take a look at their socials – it was at the beginning of this year when Balenciaga wiped their online presence clean, opening the door to an entirely new era of their brand image, and began consistently dropping collection after capsule after... Read More


Is there anything more 90s than the 90s coming back?

Look around. The 90s are in full swing. Space Jam, Jumanji, Friends, The Matrix. Feel free to take a ticket for something you want to make a comeback in the next 5 or so years and you can almost guarantee it will happen. But what exactly were the 90s like? Well, with the excess of the 80s came a more relaxed period in our cultural history. Thinking about it, maybe it was just as high octane but we were all more relaxed about it? You often hear about people chilling... Read More


What’s Your Summer Style?

We’ve all noticed them, and maybe you’re not fully aware of it, but when you work with trends and styles as much as we do, you start to notice the little things. While of course we are all individuals, there always has to be an archetype to base ourselves after – it may be a person, fictional or real, a celebrity or a model perhaps, or you might be the kind of person to be completely enamored with a period in time, or perhaps a place in the world. The... Read More


The Top Summer Sneakers of ‘22

Since the rise of Sneakerhead culture throughout the 80s, the fanatical obsessions with all things trainers have been explosive. Each year, it seems like, there has been drop after drop of the most cutting-edge designs from some of the most forward-thinking designers and brands, and it’s not just the classic Nike types getting in on the action. We have to admit though, we are lucky as Brother2Brother to be first in line for any new drops, and we thought we ought to share a little bit of where we see... Read More

lexander McQueen Accessory Guide For ‘22 09/06/2022

The Best Alexander McQueen Accessory Guide For ‘22

Accessorizing is a quintessential part of our fashion journey, like in any creative world, sometimes you need a little extra. It’s the perfect amount of seasoning that a chef uses in his meals, it’s the small improvisation a musician adds to their composition – it’s what makes your outfits look more like you, rather than being a copy of a catalogue Many brands and fashion houses leave the art of accessory creation to companies that specialize in accessorizing, however, when a staple has been around for long enough, their influence... Read More

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Opposites Attract: Monochrome Fashion

Simplicity starts here. The fashion world can be a busy, bright, and certainly outlandish place – although no matter how complex designs and combinations can be, they are all founded on the same, simple principles. Brightness and darkness, complementary or contrasting colors – there’s intricacy in its simplicity. We keep our wardrobes filled to be able to create our own combinations and allow us to adopt the same mindset a designer would, using (or bending) the principles of fashion to make something new, and turn heads – the ideal wardrobe... Read More

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Spring Break Outfits

Spring break forever! 2022 has already been a hell of a year. With the winter blues out of the way, we can firmly say it’s time for a break. What are you doing in this time of decadent drinking and pre-summer sun? What are your plans? Heading off to Miami? Alabama? Maybe even Mexico? Whether you’re partying hard at Mardi Gras or taking a more peaceful time to chill (god knows we need it), we’ve got the perfect ways to elevate your Spring Break wardrobe. Light and breezy, printed shirts... Read More