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What’s Your Summer Style?

We’ve all noticed them, and maybe you’re not fully aware of it, but when you work with trends and styles as much as we do, you start to notice the little things. While of course we are all individuals, there always has to be an archetype to base ourselves after – it may be a person, fictional or real, a celebrity or a model perhaps, or you might be the kind of person to be completely enamored with a period in time, or perhaps a place in the world. The... Read More


The Top Summer Sneakers of ‘22

Since the rise of Sneakerhead culture throughout the 80s, the fanatical obsessions with all things trainers have been explosive. Each year, it seems like, there has been drop after drop of the most cutting-edge designs from some of the most forward-thinking designers and brands, and it’s not just the classic Nike types getting in on the action. We have to admit though, we are lucky as Brother2Brother to be first in line for any new drops, and we thought we ought to share a little bit of where we see... Read More

lexander McQueen Accessory Guide For ‘22 09/06/2022

The Best Alexander McQueen Accessory Guide For ‘22

Accessorizing is a quintessential part of our fashion journey, like in any creative world, sometimes you need a little extra. It’s the perfect amount of seasoning that a chef uses in his meals, it’s the small improvisation a musician adds to their composition – it’s what makes your outfits look more like you, rather than being a copy of a catalogue Many brands and fashion houses leave the art of accessory creation to companies that specialize in accessorizing, however, when a staple has been around for long enough, their influence... Read More

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Opposites Attract: Monochrome Fashion

Simplicity starts here. The fashion world can be a busy, bright, and certainly outlandish place – although no matter how complex designs and combinations can be, they are all founded on the same, simple principles. Brightness and darkness, complementary or contrasting colors – there’s intricacy in its simplicity. We keep our wardrobes filled to be able to create our own combinations and allow us to adopt the same mindset a designer would, using (or bending) the principles of fashion to make something new, and turn heads – the ideal wardrobe... Read More

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Spring Break Outfits

Spring break forever! 2022 has already been a hell of a year. With the winter blues out of the way, we can firmly say it’s time for a break. What are you doing in this time of decadent drinking and pre-summer sun? What are your plans? Heading off to Miami? Alabama? Maybe even Mexico? Whether you’re partying hard at Mardi Gras or taking a more peaceful time to chill (god knows we need it), we’ve got the perfect ways to elevate your Spring Break wardrobe. Light and breezy, printed shirts... Read More

The Rise of Androgynous Menswear 21/04/2022
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The Rise of Androgynous Menswear: Tomorrow Who’s Gonna Fuss?

“What the ocean does best” Love You So Bad by EF Harry Styles’ Vogue photoshoot broke Twitter timelines for weeks with his boundary-breaking choice of wardrobe. The cover saw the pop star in a translucent dress and black Gucci army jacket with flamboyant lapels. His cover photo caught the attention of conservatives and progressives alike, with both sides of the aisle commenting on what this means for the future of fashion and the lines between genders. With celebrities such as Jaden Smith and Ezra Miller acting as ambassadors for androgynous... Read More

The War for Camouflage 07/04/2022
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The link between the Vietnam War and Streetwear Camouflage is a lot more direct when you expect. It’s less an upheaval and more a continuation of a long tradition of treating camouflage as the counter-culture print. Nowadays, you can find camouflage in the wardrobe of all sorts of groups and cultures: Hunters, hip-hop artists, (ironically) pacifists. Even brands who are worlds apart, such as football favourite Stone Island and luxury fashion house Valentino have been known to use the print. In our last editorials, we’ve talked about how camouflage came... Read More

NASA'S FASHION 24/03/2022
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These days, collabs are the currency of trends. From streetwear heavyweights such as Stone Island to prestigious fashion houses, like Versace, labels have come up with some incredible ideas by linking up with other designers; Hell, Moncler Genius is built on the very concept of collaboration. Collaboration doesn’t just happen in high-fashion’s inner circle. One really common area that brands reach out to is the other arts. Opening Ceremony has collaborated with Spike Jonze and Jonah Hill for works of dance and theatre. Let’s not forget to mention that the... Read More

The War for Camouflage 10/03/2022

The War for Camouflage – Part II: Napalm Sticks to Kids

Fashion is a battleground Is there any pattern more suited to the conflict between consumerism and counterculture than camouflage? Since its inception, the US woodland camouflage pattern has fallen in and out of style but never all at once. Popular with hipsters, hunters, rappers, and punks, camouflage is shared by so many demographics in our culture today. Okay, maybe ‘shared’ isn’t the correct word. This is where the war comes in. Despite being a military design, camouflage with its many colour variations has been transformed by pop culture in a... Read More

Flag Fashion 24/02/2022

Flag Fashion: Patriotic or a Red Flag?

Britain, France, Russia and the Czech Republic. For all that our flags share, there’s nothing so American as the colours red, white and blue. Donning more than just Old Glory, the colours of the American flag make up much of our fashion in sporting events, holidays, celebrations, campaigns, protests, marketing… Nothing says ‘I am inherently worthy of your trust/money/votes’ more than sticking to the ol’ red, white and blue. It may come as a surprise, but most countries don’t share this near obsession with their own flag the way we... Read More