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Let’s Talk Pink

We’ve got a Brother2Brother classic for you today. Pink and fashion have a rich luxurious history, and long before the modern pink and blue divide, pink defined male fashion. A sign of status and strength, this bold cheeky should never be underestimated. For this special US edition of Let’s Talk Pink we’re giving you a full year of top picks. Check out our selections for styling your fresh pink wears in every season. Autumn Now that Fall is in full swing, it’s time to stock up on the latest Azat... Read More

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Get the Fresh Prince Aesthetic

Now this is the story all about how… What can we say, it had to be done. Revive the 90s with our Fresh Prince of Bel-Air style matches. Will Smith’s bold fashion defined an iconic character and pop culture never forgot it. Mix up your urban wardrobe with vintage throw backs from designer brands. Bring on the first class flavour inspired by the Los Angeles legend himself. Funky Sweater If you don’t already have a sweater lined up for the 2020 Fall season, then look no further. This Blue Striped... Read More

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Learn To Layer – Men’s Style Guide

When it comes to Spring and Fall, layering is the most practical way to maximise your style and keep yourself prepared for the changing temperature. Most of the time, typical men’s street fashion is one, occasionally two layers – a shirt and jeans plus a jacket. We’re here to mix things up. Don’t limit yourself. With the right designer pieces you can create a wardrobe ideal for year round layered looks that’ll keep your aesthetic fresh and practical. East Coast Urban A busy life in the city requires an adaptable... Read More

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Designer Winter Sweaters

It’s time to crack out the winter gear. Sweaters are a staple of male fashion and a smart choice to stock up on year round. Ideal for casual outings and easy to dress up when you need, we recommend investing in some top quality apparel. Brother2Brother stocks only the best in designer gear, so look no further than our top picks selection for you sweater needs. Palm Angels Palm Angels are bringing a sense of Halloween to their new Black Desert Skull Knitted Jumper. Finished with rib knit collar, cuffs... Read More

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Fresh Start Fresh Look: College Fashion Essentials For Men

Firstly, if you’ve managed to make it through 2020 so far, then congratulations are in order. If you’ve fought your way into college on top of everything else, then congratulations really doesn’t cut it. That’s a huge achievement. Consider this our gift to you for the new semester. Make sure you’re set with all the fashion essentials to see you through. No Such Thing As Too Many Tees Get yourself half a dozen quality t-shirts to bulk out your wardrobe. Aside from graduation, there’s essentially no occasion where you can’t... Read More

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West Coast Style Guide

America’s West Coast is famous for its year round sun, palm tree boulevards and laid back attitude. To achieve the essential Californian image, you’re meant to look carelessly fashionable. For men, this means knowing how to balance ultra professional with beach casual. Let’s get real, it’s harder to pull off true West Coast fashion than to create the urban class aesthetic dominating East Coast life. So we thought we’d break it down for you. Brother2Brother has quintessential West Coast style: our brands focus on quality streetwear, bold designs and comfortable... Read More

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East Coast Style Guide

Brother2Brother has always, and will always, provide our customers with access to the latest trends and celebrity styles. We trust our brands to deliver the highest quality products that elevate your wardrobe to the forefront of current fashion. Then it’s down to you to build your signature brand from the very best designer labels. American fashion is constantly evolving alongside the fast paced rhythm of business and leisure, so let’s take a minute to break down the popular trends. The biggest factor by far in knowing how to build your... Read More


New York Fashion Week Trend: Leisurewear

From 13th-17th September 2020 audiences worldwide tuned in for the first ever digital New York Fashion Week. Complete with a packed schedule of designer shows and films, cultural talks and workshops, the globally anticipated bi-annual event was a smash hit. The September New York Fashion Week sets the bar for Spring ’21 fashion. One trend stood out to us: leisurewear. Zero + Maria Cornejo, PH5 and even Rodarte debuted lounge style sets amongst their collection. And really, who’s surprised? We’ve all gotten pretty comfortable in our sweatpants the last few... Read More

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All hands on deck

Its been a busy few weeks in the office preparing for the launch of our new website, but we’re now very pleased to reveal to you the final product! The new site is full of features to make online shopping an enjoyable experience for all our customers, and we hope you agree. We will be updating the site, and our new blog, on a regular basis – so please keep taking a look to see whats new. You’ll be able to view the newest additions to our site easily, by... Read More