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Historically luxury fashion has been mostly associated with European countries, in particular, Italy with brands like Marni, Moncler, Dolce & Gabbana; and England with Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, and more recently Represent, however when it comes to America Autry is the name on everyone’s lips.

Autry in particular is a name so synonymous with America, with the most popular piece within its collection being its men’s sneakers with the American flag.


Autry a shoe company specializing in sneakers was founded in 1982 in Dallas Texas by Jim Autry. Immediately successful, Autry became a globally recognized name as well as gaining significant praise for the quality and inventiveness of its designs, from magazines such as Runner’s World Magazine and Tennis Magazine, which named the Medalist as the best sneaker for both its design and technicality. Today the designs have barely changed. This isn’t just for the modern appeal of retro designs because of 80s nostalgia, but also because the original design was so flawless there wasn’t much to be improved upon.


Autry understood the international popularity of American sports and the celebrity status of American sports stars. By incorporating the United States flag into the designs of their sneakers, Autry capitalized on the worldwide association people had between the USA and quality sports.

Autry shoes with american flag

Despite the huge popularity of Autry, when Jim died in 2009 the brand fell into obscurity when none of his relatives showed any interest in carrying on his legacy.


Eventually, in 2019 Alberto Raengo, Gino Zarelli, and Marco Doro took over Autry and rebranded it as a modern lifestyle brand. Raengo had had a history of reviving old, defuncted American brands. Previously he had been behind the relaunch of Blauer, RefrigiWear, and Holubar, a mountaineering brand, popular in the 1960s for its pioneering use of nylon fabric, and lightweight down sleeping bags.

Models posing in vintage car with Autry shoes
No Limits

Not limiting itself to shoes anymore, with their Tennis Academy range, Autry now produces men’s T-shirts, in navy with a tennis academy design printed in contrasting white colorways across the chest or in white with navy colorways across the chest; Autry sweatshirts in white with a tennis academy pattern in a contrasting blue colorway on the back and their iconic applique patch emblem on the front; sweatpants for men, made with pure cotton, in an off-white color, with two side pockets and an embroidered logo patch on the right thigh; and men’s hats, coming in blue detailed with a white embroidered tennis academy print and logo and finished with a practical, fully adjustable velcro strap among its new products.

Autry Sweatpants

 In an interview when discussing the changes to the brand, Doro said

"Autry is much more than shoes, Autry is clothing."

Even with the rebrand and the expansion of the range of products being produced, Autry is still a leading company in men’s shoe design. With a focus on high-quality practicality and aesthetics, Autry’s designs have a retro 80s feel, while also having a timeless quality, as if the original design made them so perfectly suited for their purpose there was never much need to adapt to trends.

The Medalist

The new variations of the Medalist come in red and white, black and white, and mushroom and white. Made from white leather, with the iconic American Flag Autry logo on the sides. Featuring a two-toned color scheme of white and either red, black, or mushroom. Other features include perforated toes for better breathability, a cotton terry lining, a Padded ankle collar with a contrast interior, and a tonal label seamed on a leather tongue.

Medalist Shoes worn on ice skating rink

Additionally, Autry also has the men’s Action sneakers range. Available in either white and black or white and red, with a classic silhouette that could have come straight from the 1980s, constructed from a full leather upper in a vintage finish, detailed with padded rear ankles, red heel tabs, and perforated toes.

Pile of Autry Shoes

Today Autry has regained its reputation as one of the most recognizable luxury sports brands in the world. After being taken over by Raengo, Zarelli, and Doro, Autry became incredibly popular on the European sneaker market and is now also available in the US with shoes being sold in many of the most prestigious department stores including Neiman Markus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nordstrom, and of course also available online with us on the Brother2Brother website.

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