Discover the Best of this Year’s Summer Accessories?


Summer is a time for holidays, being outdoors and SOCIALIZING, and you’ll want to look good for all of that.

Accessories are great for adding a little extra style to an outfit, and sometimes something as small as a belt can completely change your look. To help you out we’ve put together a selection of our choices for accessories this summer.



Sunglasses are a frequently missed opportunity to give an outfit flair and personality.

They’re also essential in the summer for maintaining eye health by blocking potentially harmful UV rays.

GUCCi sunglasses for men

First, we have Gucci’s Havana & Green Tortoise Shell Sunglasses, with Signature Stripe, Engraved Branding and Tinted Lenses.

Gucci’s Havana & Green Tortoise Shell Sunglasses


Then there is Balenciaga’s Black & Grey Max Square AF Sunglasses, with extra thick side arms branded with the company logo.

Balenciaga’s Black & Grey Max Square AF Sunglasses

BOTTEGA VENeTa sunglasses

Our final sunglasses choice is Bottega Veneta’s Green & Gold Angle Sunglasses, made from vibrant green material with gold-tone hardware.

Bottega Veneta’s Green & Gold Angle Sunglasses


Set off with flair by donning the black Christian Rose trucker cap. It showcases the renowned plate emblem in gold on the front, exuding sophistication and making a striking statement against the dark backdrop. This cap is designed with a breathable mesh back to ensure comfort, making it a superb summer closet addition.

Moncler grenoble

Introducing this vibrant baseball cap from Moncler Grenoble, featuring their distinctive hashtag logo elegantly embroidered in black on the front and a logo patch positioned at the rear. This cap comes with an adjustable strap for a customized fit.

AUTRY caps for men

Lastly, we have Autry’s Blue Tennis Academy Cap, coming in navy blue embraided with a white tennis academy print and logo and finished with a fully adjustable Velcro strap.

Autry’s Blue Tennis Academy Cap

Although normally thought of as a necessity rather than an accessory…

 the right pair of socks can be very effective at adding a little extra style to your outfit.


Explore Ivy Ellis’ newest sock collection, which includes the timeless vintage sport socks, paying homage to the Seattle Seahawks icon Jim Zorn. These socks feature the brand’s signature vintage white and royal blue accents on the heel and toe. Created from a blend of cotton and other materials, they are adorned with a two-tone, double stripe design.


 Next, there is Autry’s White & Blue Action Socks, with a printed Autry logo decorated with stars and stripes in shades of blue, perfect for wearing with Autry trainers.

 Autry’s White & Blue Action Socks


And for our third and final recommendation Maison Kitsune’s Maison Kitsune Camp Socks, in sand and green hues from their MK Camp collection, are great for camping, hiking and other outdoor adventures.

Maison Kitsune’s Maison Kitsune Camp Socks

One of your wardrobe’s most essential accessories is most likely a belt.

They can benefit you by improving the symmetry of your appearance and adding a touch of elegance to your shorts or trouser fit. We have some very good choices available, here are our top five.

DOLCE & GAbBAna belts for men

The next choice is Dolce & Gabbana’s Black & Silver Plaque Belt, branded and fastened with the company’s trademark plaque buckle, good for a subtle, understated look.

Dolce & Gabbana’s Black & Silver Plaque Belt

men’s KENZO belts

If subtle and understated isn’t your thing, a great choice would be Kenzo’s Black & Tan Large Reversible Boke Boy Belt. Sporting a Boke Flower-inspired buckle with inspiration from 1950s cartoons. The Kenzo Paris emblem is stamped on both sides of this vintage Boke Boy leather belt, which is reversible and can be worn in either tan or black.

Kenzo’s Black & Tan Large Reversible Boke Boy Belt


Another great reversible belt is Versace’s Black & White Greca Reversible Belt, embellished with a jacquard Greca design on one side and the Versace emblem all over the other. It also has a sliding D-ring buckle with the Greca motif etched on it.

Versace’s Black & White Greca Reversible Belt


If you’re looking for something glamorous that will really draw attention, there’s Alexander McQueen’s Black Seal Buckle Belt, which features an AMQ logo-filled gold buckle, designed with both style and longevity in mind.

Alexander McQueen’s Black Seal Buckle Belt

There are so many different kinds of accessories and so many options for each one, it would be impossible to cover everything all at once.

However, we hope we’ve given you some good ideas for accessories for a variety of styles and purposes and we hope you have a good summer.

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