The Top Summer Sneakers of ‘22

Since the rise of Sneakerhead culture throughout the 80s, the fanatical obsessions with all things trainers have been explosive. Each year, it seems like, there has been drop after drop of the most cutting-edge designs from some of the most forward-thinking designers and brands, and it’s not just the classic Nike types getting in on the action.

We have to admit though, we are lucky as Brother2Brother to be first in line for any new drops, and we thought we ought to share a little bit of where we see sneakers for men going this summer season!

White & Black Mesh Running Sneakers

If we’re talking sneakers, then it’s pretty close to impossible to leave out the recent kings of the designer brand sneaker game – Balenciaga. For the past few years, the brand has been incorporating their unique and ergonomic designs have been dominating the footwear scene – the success of their Triple S line and of course the Speed and Speed 2.0 have cemented their undeniable sneaker design talent.

If you haven’t gotten on board with the steps this Paris-based brand has been making, then this summer is the time to change that – meet the Runner. Balenciaga has taken a leaf out of their own book yet again, by deconstructing the silhouette of the traditional track sneaker and reconstructing it in a way only they could.

Gilded with their now signature geometric stitching and architectural form, this pair will always end up turning heads this summer!

White & Black Monogram Joey Sneakers

From one classic brand to another, men’s Alexander McQueen sneakers are making their rounds this year, dropping a whole line of wildly different designs – although we’ve got to say we’re vibing with these Monogrammed Joey Sneakers.

Sometimes, simplicity is best and there’s a lot to be said about monochrome sneakers. They have an incredible capacity to go with pretty much any outfit, and with the understated yet complex A.M initials peeking out from the treads of this shoe, they add a touch of class to any look you’re trying out.

Black Leave No Trace High Runners

When you think of the men’s sneakers game, Moncler isn’t necessarily the first brand most of us would associate with the industry – however, leaving them out of the conversation would mean missing out on some of the hottest designs of 2022.

It’s always exciting to see a brand working on the sidelines trying to get its foot in the door, especially when it’s a brand as respected as Moncler. Just by taking a look at this pair of Black No Trace High Tops – we can see a little bit of Balenciaga’s influence here, but you can’t escape that men’s Moncler sneakers clearly have their own vision.

It’s got that true vintage understatement that Moncler for men has always tried to maintain. For them, branding detracts from the overall design of the garment – it’s got that ‘hiding in plain sight’ feel to it. That feeling that you know something that no one else does, and that something is you’re stepping in style with a brand that is definitely going to rise the ranks of the sneaker sphere sometime soon. 


It really doesn’t get more Off-White than this. It is a privilege to see the late Virgil Abloh’s brand go through such a difficult period, and still come out the other side, not only with its signature style and design philosophy intact but in fact seeming to improve with each new drop. 

Out of all of the sneakers on our list today, in many ways, this has to be the cream of the crop – proportionally perfect, this shoe is reminiscent of a simpler time of sneaker culture. We can’t help but notice a bit of a tongue-in-cheek reference to Nike’s classic tick hiding in the sleek black arrow stitched to the side, and not to mention the sardonic labelling of “shoelaces”, on the, well, shoelaces!

This pair of men’s Off-White sneakers really balances the functional and the fashionable in a way only Off-White could pull off. On the court or on the catwalk, this pair should definitely be on your wish list.

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