Throwing Shade feat. Balenciaga

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Ready for the understatement of the decade?

Balenciaga has been doing pretty well recently. In fact, in 2022 alone they’ve bounced back from the last few years of the fashion world turning slower, and decided to hit the ground running as soon as they had the opportunity.

Just take a look at their socials – it was at the beginning of this year when Balenciaga wiped their online presence clean, opening the door to an entirely new era of their brand image, and began consistently dropping collection after capsule after collab – frankly, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster.

And while there is a seemingly limitless amount of content to talk about when it comes to this classic couturier – their new ethos as a company, their groundbreaking new showcases, their use of social media to promote themselves in ways that have not been done before, to name just a few – there is one aspect of Balenciaga that we don’t think is getting the attention it deserves. 

Balenciaga Social

We’re talking Balenciaga Eyewear

Black and White Havana Square Frame Sunglasses
Havana and Green Square Frame Sunglasses
White Acetate Sunglasses

We’re all used to seeing a certain brand take the reign over the accessory world every now and again – Prada and Dolce & Gabbana have for a long time been figureheads, especially in the sunglasses department. And while obviously, both are still incredibly popular, there are definitely reasons for them to be shaking in their designer boots.

There’s something so incredibly relevant about Balenciaga right now – it’s a privilege to watch a fashion house with its finger on the pulse of its era produce so regularly. It’s similar to watching an artist make a statement, and we suppose Balenciaga’s message is simply,


Sunglasses are an essential part of any outfit these days. They have been a staple for many years, but our modern interpretation of this quintessential eyewear makes them so fascinating. They’ve become almost hyper-versions of themselves – think Kurt Cobain in his white sunglasses. It’s a fast world, and if the eyes are the first thing others will look at, you best believe you want to make an impression.

Even looking at Balenciaga’s website and promotional imagery shows that they are relying on sunglasses in a big way. Almost every single model is wearing Balenciaga eyewear, and the thing is, it really does tie everything together.

Their Havana classic and square-rimmed glasses are slowly shaping up to be a modern icon in many ways, the 20s’ (that’s the 2020s) response to Ray-Bans Wayfarers. But it’s more than simply the profile and the form, which is perhaps the biggest pitfall of previous eyewear manufacturers. They let sleeping dogs lie, and kept their materials simple and familiar.


Havana And Grey Classic Frame Sunglasses

While not as wild as other, more liberal fashion houses that can afford to take risks, Balenciaga for men has decided to experiment in a way that keeps the essence of what makes these sunglasses work but shifts the playing field so it is unequivocally their own.

This newfound understanding of this form we think is best exemplified with this pair of sunglasses. The elegance with which they incorporate their striking logo directly into the frame itself illustrates this sentiment perfectly. They are literally a part of everything they put out, and in a world saturated with brands and fashion symbols, a healthy dose of authenticity shines out in a big way.

Havana/Gold/Green Tortoiseshell Sunglasses
Black Classic Frame Sunglasses

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