What’s Your Summer Style?


We’ve all noticed them, and maybe you’re not fully aware of it, but when you work with trends and styles as much as we do, you start to notice the little things.

While of course we are all individuals, there always has to be an archetype to base ourselves after – it may be a person, fictional or real, a celebrity or a model perhaps, or you might be the kind of person to be completely enamored with a period in time, or perhaps a place in the world. The point is, no matter how stylish we are, we always have to base ourselves on something – we all need a ground zero.

That’s why today we’re going to run through the basics and pick out a handful of some of the summer styles that we’ve managed to spot over the years! How many of these categories do you fit into, do you know anyone who rep these outfits, is it all a bit too close to home? Let us know down below, but right now…

 let’s jump in! 


We all know one, and honestly, it’s really good that we do – they’re the kind of guy who can’t come out just yet because he’s trying to snipe out the next big drop from his laptop at home. With the astronomical rise of streetwear’s popularity in the last few years, it should come as no surprise that out there in the big wide world, there is a real devoted sect of wearers. 

One of our favourite qualities of the Streetwear Stan is their passion for their style, which unlike clothes, you cannot manufacture – one big danger however, if you find yourself caught in the crossfire of two streetwearers arguing (or worse, agreeing) watch out, you’ll be in for a bumpy ride!

Here are a few items straight from our store that would get any Streetwear Stan’s heart racing:

PLEASURES x Outkast Kryptonite 
Holiday Shirt

First on the list is this recent drop from streetwear royalty Pleasures, with their most recent collab – which they are seemingly transforming into an artform in and of itself – with one of hip-hop’s most legendary duets, OutKast.

They’ve been honing in their style for some time now, and perfectly balancing their garish bravery with unrelentingly cool threads. 

If hip-hop ain’t your thing however, you can never go wrong with the rising stars in interesting streetwear with Kenzo:

Mint Green Tie-Dye Flamed Oversized T-Shirt

Just check out this mint green tie-dye flame t-shirt, it’s got a bit of everything yet manages to stay balanced in that classic tongue-in-cheek fashion. Kenzo’s rising popularity recently have been seeing them more popular each month, so snap up some of these early gem’s before they skyrocket to streetwear stardom!


From Streetwear to Sportswear, we’ve all got that friend who can never seem to tell the difference between the field and the pub, and always seem to be dressed as if they’ve just finished the London Marathon – meet the Player. 

Always ready for a kick-about, the Player usually is quite an enthusiastic character, active and proud about it – however, if you get yourself on the wrong side of one, you’re almost definitely going to know why wearing breathable fabric is such an advantage…

Here are a few pieces we’ve got in stock that would make any of your player friends go for gold!

Black & White Cities Series Paris Sweat Shorts

We’re going to go a bit rogue on this one – but why would you read on if you didn’t expect that? Men’s Balenciaga is not the first thing you think of when sportswear comes into question, however, we really think that they might be on the winning side of a photo finish against the giants like Puma, Nike and Adidas – why?

Because they are stylish and multi-functional – yes they look like joggers and shorts, yes there are simpler varieties from other brands, but does the player want to feel like he’s cheating?

Of course, he doesn’t, and that’s why he goes for the best.


Over the past few months, we’ve been tracking the progression of a new wave of pseudo-vintage garments that have been dropping recently. We took a deep dive into west coast streetwear gurus Pleasures a few weeks back, and found that in a wild way, the 90s are back and more relevant than ever – this is the case for The Nineties Time Traveller.

We’re talking ripped jeans, oversized shirts (preferably with a band on them) and skating shoes with the treads falling off. As mentioned before, Pleasures has really been at the forefront of this resurgence, but here are a few more of our favourite brands who are bringing the nineties back 

Here are some garms straight from the time capsule that would be the envy (or next purchase) of any proud nineties time traveller.

For our example we want to talk about one of the newest additions to Brother2Brother recently, and that’s Aries.

Multicoloured Tie-Dyed Temple T-Shirt

While of course, we want to talk about Pleasures again, it’s hard to not talk about a brand who are genuinely making massive strides in the scene – we don’t have to talk endlessly about them (even though we could), rather just let the clothes speak for themselves.

Scarf Print Silk Hawaiian S/S Shirt
& Scarf Print Silk Short

Their fascination with tie-dye has really become a little bit of a brand characteristic for them at this point, and they expand upon this idea with, what we think, might be one of the coolest matching prints for a short and shirt outfit we’ve ever seen, with their Scarf Print Hawaiian Shirt and Shorts.

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